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Podiatry's Favorite CME home-study program

Foot and Ankle Quarterly gives you quality seminars from leading lecturers in the convenience of your home, office or car.

Foot and Ankle Quarterly (FAQ) - Purchase Back Issues; Discount on Complete Volumes

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Podiatry's Favorite CME home-study program

Foot and Ankle Quarterly gives you quality seminars from leading lecturers in the convenience of your home, office or car. An annual subscription includes:

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Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie C. Wu, DPM, MSc

Editorial Advisors:

George Andros, MD
David G. Armstrong, DPM, PhD
Christopher Bibbo, DPM, DO
John Buckholz, DPM
I. Kelman Cohen, MD, PhD
William J. Ennis, DO, MBA, FACOS
Joshua Gerbert, DPM
Bruce L. Gewertz, MD
Lawrence J. Gottlieb, MD
Donald R. Green, DPM, FACFAS
Edwin J. Harris, DPM
Allen M. Jacobs, DPM
Warren S. Joseph, DPM
Irvin O. Kanat, DPM
Keith B. Kashuk, DPM
Guido LaPorta, DPM
Lawrence Lavery, DPM, MPH
Gary M. Lepow, DPM
Benjamin A. Lipsky, MD, FACP, FIDSA
E. Dalton McGlamry, DPM
John Stienstra, DPM
John Vanore, DPM
Lowell Scott Weil, DPM
Justin Wernick , DPM
Lawrence S. Zachary, MD

Expert Analysts:

Marque A. Allen, DPM
Richard Blake, DPM
Allan M. Boike, DPM
Richard T. Bouché, DPM
Albert E. Burns, DPM
Daniel J. Cavolo, DPM
Jonathan Contompasis, DPM
William H. Dabdoub, DPM
Howard J. Dananberg, DPM
Michael DeMarco, DPM
Kenrick J. Dennis, DPM
J. Marshall Devall, DPM
Gary L. Dockery, DPM
Michael S. Downey, DPM
Ronald D. Edelman, DPM
John G. Fleischli, DPM
Josef J. Geldwert, DPM
Vincent Giacalone, DPM
Gary Gordon, DPM
Lee S. Grubelich, DPM
George Gumann Jr., DPM
Lawrence Harkless, DPM
Vincent J. Hetherington, DPM
Kevin R. Higgins, DPM
Byron L. Hutchinson, DPM
A. Louis Jimenez, DPM
J. Barry Johnson, DPM
Bruce I. Kaczander, DPM
Anthony S. Kidawa, DPM
Steven R. Kravitz, DPM
Sheldon I. Laps, DPM
D. Matt Lynch, DPM
Kieran T. Mahan, DPM
David E. Marcinko, DPM, MBA, CFP
John D. McCrea, DPM
David Mullens, DPM
John W. Pagliano, DPM
Steven T. Palladino, DPM
Martin M. Pressman, DPM
Seth Ratner, DPM
Barry I. Rosenblum, DPM
Jeffrey Ross, DPM
Richard Roth, DPM
John Ruch, DPM
Amol Saxena, DPM
Harold D. Schoenhaus, DPM
John M. Schuberth, DPM
Nathan H. Schwartz, DPM
Barry Scurran, DPM
Steven Smith, DPM
Steven M. Spinner, DPM
Stuart Tessler, DPM
Mark A. Tozzi, DPM
Ronald L.Valmassy, DPM
Leonard E. Vekkos, DPM
H. John Visser, DPM
Harold W. Vogler, DPM
George F. Wallace, DPM
John H. Walter Jr., DPM
Stephen Weissman, DPM
Joseph S. Werner, DPM
Kerry Zang, DPM

Volume 28

  • Understanding Charcot Pathology and Associated Conditions
  • Plantar Plate Repair
  • Infectious Disease Updates
  • Clinical, Surgical, and Radiographic Anatomy of Foot and Ankle (non-CME issue)

Volume 27

  • Economic Impact of Wound Care
  • Radiology
  • Limb Preservation
  • Understanding the Charcot Joint: Identification, Imaging, and Conservative Management (non-CME issue)

Volume 26

  • Pediatrics
  • Soft Tissue Masses
  • Dermatology
  • Failed Total Ankle Replacement Salvage with Arthrodesis (Non-CME Issue)

Volume 25

    • Internal Fixation and Bone Grafts (Non-CME Issue)
    • Clubfoot
    • Peripheral Neuropathy
    • Deformities of the Lesser MPJ

    Volume 24

    • Spring - History and Advances of Surgical Correction for Advanced Hallux Rigidus
    • Summer - External/Internal Fixation in Diabetic Limb Salvage
    • Fall - Sports Medicine
    • Winter - Club Foot

    Volume 23

    • Chronic Venous Insufficiency
    • Tendo Achilles Lengthening and Gastrocnemius Recession
    • Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors
    • Talotarsal Stabilization Options

    Volume 22

    • Anatomic Updates of the Foot and Ankle
    • Vascular Assessment and Treatment
    • Trauma
    • Hallux Valgus

    Volume 21

    • Clinical Foot and Ankle Pharmacology
    • MRI of the Foot and Ankle
    • Cutaneous Manifestations of the Foot
    • Total Ankle Replacement

    Volume 20

    • Diabetic Neuropathies
    • Advances in Internal Fixation
    • Intramedullary Nailing
    • 2nd Metatarsophalangeal Joint Instability

    Volume 19

    • Infectious Disease
    • Charcot Arthopathy
    • Orthobiologics
    • Tendinopathies

    Volume 18

    • Pediatrics
    • Pathology Specific Orthoses
    • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
    • External Fixation

    Volume 17

    • Morton's Neuroma
    • Surgical Off-loading
    • Mechanical Off-loading
    • Pes Planovalgus

    Volume 16

    • Rearfoot Arthrodesis & Arthrosis
    • Core Principles of Wound Healing in the Macro and Micro Environment
    • Soft Tissue & Bone Infections
    • Bracing and Orthotics

    Volume 15

    • Charcot Arthropathy
    • Hallux Valgus
    • Wound Healing Technology in Diabetics
    • Flat Foot Reconstruction

    Volume 14

    • Electrical Stimulation/Fracture Healing
    • Hallux Rigidus
    • Heel Pain (out of stock)
    • Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy

    Volume 13

    • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
    • Sports Medicine
    • Diabetes
    • Arthroscopy

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