Washington, Oregon and Alaska Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

by Charles H. Purcell, Esq. (editor-in-chief)

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  • Updated annually
  • 3 volumes, 1,780+ pages, 220+ forms
  • Includes a forms CD
  • ISBN# 1-57400-026-8

Washington, Oregon and Alaska Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

Washington, Oregon and Alaska Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

Prominent attorney, Charles H. Purcell , has drawn from his extensive experience to bring you strategies and forms for virtually every situation you may encounter in this newly revised three-volume Manual featuring a bonus CD with more than 220 electronic forms.

This extensive, updated manual, with its more than 1,780 pages of valuable content, will help you stay current and efficient by providing appropriate statutes and regulations — complemented by thorough discussions and analyses of any changing federal and Washington, Oregon, and Alaska state laws. Plus, you'll be expertly guided through an extensive selection of appropriate LLC forms using an easy-to-follow format. Included are customizable electronic forms as well as explanations and planning strategies for the LLC business structure.

Recent Updates Include:

  • A revised and expanded section providing an in-depth discussion of the process for electing S Corporation status (Chapter 6A.5.3).
  • Updated citation references accounting for changes to state codes (throughout).
  • Updated state codes (Appendices D, E, and F).
  • Updated forms throughout the Manual.
  • All of the forms in the Manual conveniently provided on the accompanying CD for your immediate use.

Charles H. Purcell is a partner in the Seattle office of K&L Gates. His practice encompasses state, federal and international tax issues involving foreign and domestic businesses and other entities. He works extensively on substantial corporate joint ventures including some of the largest joint ventures in the country conducted through LLCs. Mr. Purcell is a frequent author and speaker on the use of pass-through entities and other tax-related issues. He received his J.D. and B.A. from the University of Virginia and is a member of the Washington and New York state bar associations.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Formation and Organization


Chapter 3: The Limited Liability Company Agreement (Washington) or the Operating Agreement (Oregon and Alaska)

Chapter 4: Organization

Chapter 5: Limited Liability Company Capital

Chapter 6: Allocation and Distribution Provisions

Chapter 6A: LLCs Electing to be Taxed as Subchapter S Corporations

Chapter 7: Management Provisions

Chapter 8: Admission of New Members; Transfer and Buy-Sell Provisions

Chapter 9: Dissolution

Chapter 10: Books, Records, and Accounting


Chapter 11: Reorganization of the LLC

Chapter 12: Doing Interstate Business

Chapter 13: Professional Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Forms

Chapter 15: Limited Liability Partnerships

Chapter 15A: Limited Liability Limited Partnerships

Chapter 16: Compensation Strategies for the LLC

Chapter 17: Structuring Issues for International Private Investment Funds: Governance and Tax Hurdles to Clear

Chapter 18: LLCs as Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Organizations

Chapter 19: Series LLC

Chapter 20: Sale of Limited Liability Company Interests

Chapter 21: Bankruptcy

Chapter 22: Components of an LLC Membership Interest Purchase Agreement

Chapter 23: Use of LLCs in Estate Planning



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