Stress Busters: A Clinician's Guide to Stress Reduction

by Edward E. Bartlett, PhD

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A must-have for every practicing physician who yearns to reduce stress and malpractice risk.

Stress and burnout are major problems for practicing physicians. Busy schedules, growing financial pressures, and malpractice fears - it all adds up. This risk management resource draws from both scientific research and the experience of practicing doctors to give you time-tested methods to reduce your stress and malpractice risk.

Stress Busters: A Clinician's Guide to Stress Reduction

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  • 5 sections divided into 16 informative and interactive chapters
  • 1st section allows you to diagnose your stress and compare results with other physicians
  • 2nd section summarizes scientific research on physiology, health levels, and clinical performance
  • 3rd section allows you to review stress reduction strategies and techniques
  • 4th section identifies the most common sources of stress
  • 5th section allows you to design your own Stress and Burnout Management Plan
Edward E. Bartlett, PhD is a risk management consultant in Rockville, Maryland.


1. A Medical Epidemic
2. The Physician Stress Cycle
3. Diagnosis of Stress
4. The Physiology of Dis-Easy
5. Health Effects
6. How Stress Affects Clinical Performance
7. Reducing External Stressors
8. Reframing Thought Patterns
9.The SPARCVAC Behavior Patterns
10. Medical Mistakes and Litigation Stress
11. Earning a "Living"
12. Your Income
13. Difficult Patients
14. Social Connections
15. Proven Benefits of Stress Reduction
16. Moving from Awareness to Action

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