Street Smarts for the Practicing Physician and Surgeon

by Robert A. Schultz, MD

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"...critical reading for anyone who...anticipates entering a practice opportunity. By combination of wit and twenty years of on-the-job training, Bob Schultz has been able to condense the business aspects of medicine into an entertaining, but very informative, book." -- James A. Nunley, II, MD Chief, Division of Orthopaedics Duke University School of Medicine

Street Smarts for the Practicing Physician and Surgeon

This is a Great Guide for Practicing Physician and Residents

This book looks at serious questions regarding your practice no one ever taught you. Dr. Schultz explores and helps answer these important questions and adds a bit of humor to the process.

Examples of questions include:

  • Where to start a practice?– Doctor friendly states
  • Is Workman's Compensation business worth it?
  • Need more capital?
  • Is bedside manner more important than skill?
  • What kind of partnership is right for you?
  • Is that patient making you sick? – Weeding out "bad" patients
  • Is managed care here to stay?
  • Is the dirty "M" word malpractice or money?
  • What is the best for you: solo or partnership?
  • Are there any winners in divorce?
  • Is it ok for doctors to advertise?

Robert A. Schultz, MD earned an A.B. degree at Hamilton College in 1969 and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1978. Between these periods of academic enrichment, he traveled the world exploring European, African, and Asian cultures. Dr. Schultz underwent two years of general surgery residency at The New York Hospital (Cornell), after which he completed his orthopaedic residency at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Program and was a clinical fellow in orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School. After more than 20 years of private practice in New Jersey, Dr. Schultz retired. Presently, he serves as a clinical associate in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Duke University Medical Center.

1. Who Are You?

2. How Much Is Enough?

3. What Are You Thinking: Solo or Partnership?

4. What Kind of Partnership Is Right for You?

5. What? You Thought the Day Would Go Smoothly? (Attitude)

6. Is Bedside Manner More Important than Skill? (Persona)

7. Need More Capital? (Entrepreneurship)

8. Is That Patient Making You Sick? (Weeding out "bad" patients)

9. Is Managed Care Here to Stay?

10. Is the Dirty "M" Word Malpractice or Money? (Defensive medicine)

11. Is Workmen's Compensation Business Worth It? (Tough, but it pays the bill)

12. Which States Are Doctor Friendly?

13. So, You Want to Be a Team Doctor? (Playing hurt)

14. What Type of Specialty Mix Should Your Practice Have?

15. Are There Any Winners in a Divorce? (Communication is the name of the game)

16. Does Anyone Really Like a Critic? (Do unto others)

17. Is it Okay for Doctors to Advertise? (Practicing medicine in the 21st century)

18. "Doc, How Long Will it Take Until I Am All Better?" (Duration of recovery)

19. Where Do I Sign? (The deal)

20. My Mortality? Who Has Time to Think About That?

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