Buyers Benefit:

As various policies, procedures, and your practice evolve, so too, should your Manual. Data Trace updates its publications on a periodic basis with supplements and/or new editions that reflect important updates and changes. Your supplement subscription is automatic with this purchase. Supplements will be sent to you on a 30-day risk-free approval and billed at the then-current prices. You may cancel this service any time by notifying Data Trace in writing.

How to Use this Manual:

While you may certainly use the Manual "as is," we encourage you to view the materials as a customizable template to meet your office's specific needs. The complete Manual has been provided to you in both hard copy form and on CD in Microsoft Word,* for ease of change. To begin, we suggest reading the entire Manual to determine which sections and/or forms are immediately usable for your practice as currently written, which forms and sections need to be consolidated, which forms and sections need to be expanded, and whether some sections and/or forms may not be needed for your individual practice. Then, either you, someone in your office (perhaps the office manager), or a team of individuals should meet to discuss the alterations you wish to have made to the Manual. Such a review session will help you and your staff fine tune the practices you may already have in place. Once the changes have been written, reviewed, and approved, they should be incorporated into your version of the Manual using the Microsoft Word files provided on the accompanying CD. When you are pleased with the final product, copies of the revised Manual should be distributed to each employee and placed in common areas of the office, such as exam rooms or next to phones — places where such information should be readily available. Staff members may be asked to sign a disclosure form acknowledging receipt of the Manual and the policies and procedures outlined within.

Customizing Your Manual:

The accompanying CD will enable you to quickly modify the text and forms that are included in the Manual and customize them to your specifications. You are free to—and should—change the Manual to your specifications, just as you would if you had created the entire Manual yourself.

*Any portion of The Podiatric Practice Manual: A Guide to Running an Efficient Practice may be copied only by the purchaser for use in his or her own office. Except for this specified use, no part of the materials available in this Manual may be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted or otherwise reproduced, stored, disseminated, transferred or used, in any form or by any means, except as permitted herein or with Data Trace's prior written agreement. Distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.

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