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Business Succession Planning: Forms and Practice Manual

by H.F. "Rick" Riebesell

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  • Updated annually
  • 1 volume, 810+ pages, 30+ forms
  • Includes a forms CD
  • ISBN# 1-57400-110-8

Business Succession Planning: Forms and Practice Manual

Prominent attorney, H.F. “Rick” Riebesell, has drawn from his extensive experience to bring you insightful strategies and relevant forms for virtually every business succession situation you may encounter, in this one-volume manual featuring a bonus CD-ROM with more than 30 electronic forms.

This extensive, updated Manual, with more than 700 pages of content, provides all the necessary elements needed during the business succession planning process. The manual focuses on the business, legal, and tax implications that need to be addressed. The accompanying CD-ROM contains documents to enforce the plan, with an emphasis on buy-sell agreements.

Important new features of your revised book include:

  • A new chapter on Conflict of Interest Concerns:
    • Often a professional service provider (lawyer, accountant, appraiser, insurance broker, financial planner or other) is asked by a closely-held business to aid in the creation of a business succession plan.
    • For a business succession planning advisor, especially one providing professional services, the complications arising from conflict of interest situations in this advisory role can be reduced or eliminated by establishing a correct platform of activity and use of appropriate written terms in the engagement documentation at the beginning of the role.
  • A new engagement letter form illustrates this approach.

H.F. (“Rick”) Riebesell is the principal consultant of Business Transition Consulting LLC. He specializes in finding solutions for the problems of owners of closely-held (owner-managed) businesses. Rick was a practicing lawyer for over thirty years.

He is experienced in business transactions of all types and understands sophisticated estate planning. He has helped businesses with issues including business succession, asset protection, marital agreements, wealth accumulation, and transactions involving the sale and acquisition of businesses. Rick has a special interest in the problems of family-owned enterprises.

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Chapter 1: The Role of the Advisor

Chapter 2: Preparing the Owners

Chapter 3: Critical Conversations

Chapter 4: Values

Chapter 5: Meeting Theory and Making Decisions

Chapter 6: Control, Power, and Prestige

Chapter 7: External Systems

Chapter 8: Creating the Succession Plan

Chapter 9: Purpose of the Buy-Sell Agreement

Chapter 10: Structure of the Buy-Sell Agreement

Chapter 11: Issues of S Corporations

Chapter 12: Triggers and Payment Terms

Chapter 13: Value

Chapter 14: Funding

Chapter 15: Employment-Related Restrictions

Chapter 16: Problems for a New Loss Corporation

Chapter 17: Estate Tax Considerations

Chapter 18: Transfer Restrictions

Chapter 19: Covenants Not to Compete

Chapter 20: Gifting of Ownership Rights

Chapter 21: Redemption to Pay Taxes

Chapter 22: Installment Payment of Estate Tax

Chapter 23: Available Business Entities

Chapter 24: The Influence of the Estate Tax

Chapter 25: Estate Planning with an Unstable Tax Regime

Chapter 26: Drafting the Owners Agreement Containing Buy-Sell Provisions for Owner-Managed (Closely-Held and Family) Businesses

Chapter 27: Business Consulting Intervention Where One Individual Dominates the Decision Process

Chapter 28: The Short Form Owner Agreement

Chapter 29: Developing the Concept of Wealth Creation

Chapter 30: Marketing Opportunities Using the Internet

Chapter 31: Crisis Intervention


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