SUPPLEMENT UPDATE: Kentucky Employment and Labor Law Forms and Practice Manual, July 2022 (1.24)

by Alison Messex, Esq. (2022)

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SUPPLEMENT UPDATE: Kentucky Employment and Labor Law Forms and Practice Manual, July 2022 (1.24)

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Alison Messex, Esq., practices with Priddy, Cutler, Miller & Meade, PLLC, representing public and private-sector unions as well as individual employees, and her practice includes administrative hearings, arbitrations, civil litigation, and appeals. Alison brings a decade of professional experience in the legal, nonprofit and political arenas to her practice in labor and employment law. She is committed to the pursuit of fair treatment and equal rights for working people and their families, including those who have experienced employment discrimination, wrongful termination, wage theft, or denial of unemployment benefits. Alison earned her B.A. in Political Science from George Washington University in Washington, DC. After returning to Louisville, she attended law school for the express purpose of practicing employment and union-side labor law. She is a 2013 graduate of the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.


Addressed in this year's supplement:

  • Kentucky Supreme Court decision declining to recognize associational disability discrimination claims under the Kentucky Civil Rights Act.
  • New case law regarding employment contracts and tenure for public university professors.
  • Appellate case law reviewing elements of the burden of proof in age discrimination claims.
  • Discussion of statutory amendments on leave and benefits for adoptive parents.
  • Recent guidance concerning whether non-attorneys may appear on behalf of companies in unemployment hearings


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