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DT Medical Spellchecker

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DT Medical Dictionary is a complete medical dictionary containing more than 40,000 definitions. Owning it is almost like having a printed medical dictionary in your computer, except you don’t have to reach any farther than your keyboard or mouse to look up the meaning of a word. Just type a word into the dictionary search window, or select a word using your mouse, and the DT Medical Dictionary will find the meaning of the word faster than you can say acetylsalicylic acid. In addition, it contains the complete version of the DT Medical Spellchecker. 40,000 complete definitions 100,000 word spellcheck Hundreds of anatomical illustrations. Medical abbreviations and etymologies Provides the fastest access of any electronic dictionary with definitions. Wild card support makes it easy to look up words that you aren’t sure how to spell Maintains history of the last words looked up so they can be retrieved later Look up words from any window by copying to the clipboard Minimum System Requirements for Windows Pentium processor or higher Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT or XP 125 megabytes of hard disk space 32 megabytes of RAM CD-ROM drive Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh Mac PowerPC type processor Mac OS 8.1 or higher, including MAC OS X 125 megabytes of hard disk space 40 megabytes of RAM CD-ROM drive

DT Medical Spellchecker

DT Medical Spellchecker

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