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The Civil War 1861-1865 Smithsonian HEADLINERS Series

by Eric C. Caren and Stephen A. Goldman

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A Perfect Gift for any History Enthusiast!

  • 10-1/2”w x 14-1/2”h Collector’s Edition
  • 256 pages Rare and unusual articles from 41 different Confederate and Union newspapers
  • 47 images (most color) from the Smithsonian Institution’s private collection
  • One of the last portraits ever made of President Abraham Lincoln

The Civil War 1861-1865 Smithsonian HEADLINERS Series


Features original full-page images of actual newspapers from the past that have been collected and preserved in the rare and historical archive newspaper collections of Eric C. Caren and Stephen A. Goldman. To complement this unique newspaper chronology, the Smithsonian Institution has provided an added dimension of rare and historic images, such as those selected from the works of Matthew Brady, Winslow Homer, Currier and Ives, and the like. These newspapers bring history alive by revealing how events of the time were actually perceived and described by those in that era.

The American Civil War comes alive when seen through the prism of this unique collection of rare newspapers and illustrated news weeklies.

Both Union and Confederate causes are represented, with large headlines, woodcut engravings, patriotic rhetoric and impassioned vitriol that flowed from the pens of those not-so-neutral newspapermen covering the conflict. Newspapers were then the primary means of mass communication and played a unique role in informing the interested public about the latest battles, troop movements, promotions in rank and casualty reports. This is our heritage in contemporary documentation. It is history at its source. All readers, especially Civil War buffs, will enjoy seeing the dramatic woodcut engravings, as well as the massive number of first-hand accounts telling of the events, both large and small, of this tragic episode in our nation’s history.

"Being a Civil War connoisseur with an eye for accuracy, it was most rewarding to find the brilliance of word and text as I turned the time dated pages of this particular book and adding it to my collection became a must. By that I mean the pages are actually a delight to the eyes in a bright, glossy finish, which produces a clear defined print and an ease of turn ability. The shadow boxing of both the original photos by Matthew Brady and the rare historic newspapers of the times is another touch of quality and beauty. An excellent job by Eric Caren and Stephen Goldman and the publishing company of Data Trace for this most brilliant book. This is a must have for the home library."

-- Jim Lichtefeld, Birmingham, AL

"Acquisition of this table collection of newspaper articles from the Civil War period is a must for any serious student of the history of the Civil War. The collection contains fascinating reading about the Northern and Southern perspectives of the Civil War. Especially noteworthy is the information that can be obtained concerning variations in both military equipment and 19th century clothing."

-- Lt. Charles Edwards, 11th Texas Calvary, Army of Northern Virginia

“In this volume, our goal was to use Civil War newspapers to tell the story of the war as it was happening. Our desire was to exhibit a large variety of newspapers, both Northern and Southern, that show how each side in this conflict perceived the progress of the war, and convey this assessment to its readers. Many of the newspapers and broadsides illustrated in this book are unique copies in private hands. All have been selected for their large headlines, visual appeal, rarity, or graphic text appeal. We have tried to include as many of the major battles and personalities of the war as space allowed. We have added captions to explain the significance of each newspaper. It is the hope of the authors that the readers of this volume will enjoy this unique approach to history and will be stimulated to even more interest in the American Civil War.”

--Dr. Stephen A. Goldman and Mr. Eric C. Caren

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