SUPPLEMENT UPDATE: Business Succession Planning Forms and Practice Manual, October 2022 (1.13)

by H.F. “Rick” Riebesell, Esq.

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SUPPLEMENT UPDATE: Business Succession Planning Forms and Practice Manual, October 2022 (1.13)

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H.F. (“Rick”) Riebesell is the principal consultant of Business Transition Consulting LLC. He specializes in finding solutions for the problems of owners of closely-held (owner-managed) businesses. Rick was a practicing lawyer for over thirty years.

He is experienced in business transactions of all types and understands sophisticated estate planning. He has helped businesses with issues including business succession, asset protection, marital agreements, wealth accumulation, and transactions involving the sale and acquisition of businesses. Rick has a special interest in the problems of family-owned enterprises.

Important features of this year's supplement include:

  • A new chapter on Product Over Process – Using a Different Paradigm;
  • An abridged Owner Agreement containing buy-sell provisions. Create an environment where the owner will create the sustainable planning environment to implement the Owner Agreement;
  • A detailed three-step process allowing a Starter, Standard, and Advanced engagement with a provided PowerPoint presentation; and
  • A detailed method of beginning with offering a product in order to create the process necessary for business success.


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