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Specialty Publishing

Data Trace utilizes all of its publishing experience to create custom, sponsored issues, publications, and CD-ROMs for the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. We produce prestigious, high-impact, educational publications to achieve the highest level of interest, participation, and retention by the doctors receiving it. We also create medically relevant, inexpensive, high quality sales aids that meet the newest FDA and AMA guidelines for physician gifts.

Examples of some of the custom products we have delivered include pharmaceutical sponsored issues of Foot and Ankle Quarterly to Podiatrists, Journal of the Southern Orthopaedic Association to Orthopedists, Medical Graphics on CD-ROM to Dermatologists and Family Practitioners, Podiatric Graphics on CD-ROM to Podiatrists, DT Medical Dictionary CD-ROMs to Primary Care Physicians, and DT Medical Spellchecker CD-ROMs to Anesthesiologists, Orthopedists, Primary Care Physicians, and Rheumatologists.

These types of custom publications are an unmatched educational vehicle to reach a leading group of providers with information that is appreciated and remembered.

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