Risk Management Programs for Professionals

As a publisher of high‑quality medical publications and a provider of continuing education, Data Trace is positioned perfectly to help insurance companies address their needs with risk management programs. Through a combination of original content, audio and video presentations and continuing education, Data Trace has been able to help insurance companies provide risk management programs for their policyholders.

Since 1999, Data Trace has been publishing a Dentistry risk management program for Dentist’s Advantage, a division of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. As an incentive, Dentist’s Advantage offers policy holders a percentage discount off their malpractice insurance policy for purchasing the risk management program.

Also in 1999, OUM and Associates commissioned Data Trace to publish risk management programs for their Chiropractic and Podiatric policyholders. Data Trace created programs for both groups that not only included information to help improve their policyholders’ understanding of risk management principles but also provided policyholders with the opportunity to acquire continuing education credits through an accompanying practice‑oriented audio.

In 2001, Data Trace designed two case‑oriented courses (an 8 credit course and a 20 credit course) for the National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company, chiropractic’s largest insurance company covering 40,000 chiropractors in the nation. The purpose of the courses was to alert chiropractors to issues that affected their clinical practice. Both courses receive continuing education credits in those states that permit self‑study courses.

In 2002, the Podiatric Insurance Company of America (PICA) purchased OUM’s podiatry and chiropractic policyholders. Data Trace continued to publish the risk management programs for those policyholders, in addition to a new program for PICA’s existing podiatry policyholders.

In 2004, Data Trace published two books on risk management. The Difficult Patient: How to Reduce Your Liability Risk is a practical self-study book that outlines a step-by-step approach to prevent, diagnose, and manage a challenging patient. Stress Busters: A Clinician's Guide to Stress Reduction is a risk management book that draws from both scientific research and the experience of practicing doctors to give time-tested methods for reducing stress and malpractice risk.

In 2005, another division of Affinity, Nurses Service Organization, representing more than 600,000 nurses, asked Data Trace to create three online CE modules to educate their policyholders on risk management issues affecting nurses. Data Trace was able to build a custom website for NSO and go live within six weeks.

Also in 2005, Data Trace published Medical Malpractice: How to Prevent and Survive a Suit. This excellent reference tool outlines time proven techniques for managing a practice and handling difficult patients, thereby helping the reader avoid entanglement in the legal process. This book was written and edited by Richard J. Nasca, MD, Lee A. Whitehurst, MD, JD, Louise B. Andrew, MD, JD and David E. Attarian, MD. These experienced medical practitioners, some of whom have degrees in both medicine and law, have obtained valuable input from plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as from individuals with experience in the insurance industry and state medical board regulatory law. They also have consulted with specialists in physician well-being and financial planning.

In 2006, at the request of Healthcare Providers Service Organization, Data Trace repurposed content from the Nurse’s Guide to Malpractice and wrote and published four more online risk management courses for Counselors, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Physical Therapists.

In 2007, Data Trace published a brand new online risk management course for nurses. Nurses' Guide to Risk Management: Effective Documentation, sponsored by Nurses Service Organization (NSO), is approved for six continuing education credits and is available to more than 600,000 nurses.

With more than 20 years of medical publishing experience and almost 10 years specializing in medical risk management projects, Data Trace is uniquely qualified to gather appropriate, timely and practical healthcare risk management information. Our large network of experts and key opinion leaders allow us to stay on top of the most important topics in risk management and assure us of producing the best work.

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