Electronic Publishing Capabilities

Data Trace is a pioneer of CD-ROM, Internet and Web-based projects. Data Trace has the manpower necessary to convert printed text into fully searchable electronic formats and the technology necessary to transform electronic text into powerful, user-friendly databases. Data Trace’s comprehensive tagging and validation services are fully customizable to each client, whether we work from client-supplied electronic media, or directly from the printed page.

Data Trace uses advanced authoring and markup tools to convert printed publications to the Web. Our display technology allows us to closely resemble the printed page, while adding important and unique features to link and to search throughout hundreds of volumes of text. Our conversion techniques result in fully searchable text and figures, including searches by authors, editors and contributors; by volumes and issues; by keywords and subjects; within footnotes and endnotes; and within tables, charts and figures.

Data Trace converted more than seventy-five print volumes of Organic Syntheses, one of the major resources for preparation of organic molecules and the illustration of novel synthetic methods for the Web. In addition to the types of searches listed above, the Organic Syntheses site enables the end-user to quickly search through thousands of complex chemical structures and reactions.

Data Trace recently unveiled e-Chemtracts, which makes all three publications in the Chemtractsseries available online. The electronic version is available as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the printed version. Its searching capabilities make it an invaluable tool for researchers and students alike.

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