Corporate and Professional Training

Data Trace has focused on corporate and professional training to serve the needs of its association members and other customers. Our newest set of training programs have been customized for seven different medical specialties and is entitled HIPAA Compliance Program: Training, Forms and Policies. These programs have been produced through the collaboration of several leading healthcare attorneys, various medical associations and insurance companies. They were designed to train physician offices of the HIPAA Privacy Rules that are mandatory as of April 14, 2003.

Data Trace released Medicare Compliance Program: An Interactive Training Program for Podiatrists and their Staff in September 2002. This two CD-ROM set provides a customizable Medicare Compliance Manual along with scenario and test-based training and education and allows offices to comply with the OIG’s voluntary protocols.

In cooperation with the prestigious law firm of Hogan & Hartson, Data Trace recently developed an interactive CD-ROM on workplace harassment. This program was designed to train employees in all sized companies on the laws regarding workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, in an effort to prevent and reduce such occurrences.

When Walmart needed help in creating new computer-based learning modules for its employees, Walmart turned to Data Trace. Data Trace provided the world’s largest retailer with a complete training solution for its selected sales associates nationwide, in more than 2,800 stores, to boost sales and employee retention.

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