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Data Trace Publishing Company is a full-service publishing, marketing and information services company, with extensive experience in the legal, scientific, technical and medical arenas. Our library of products includes books, journals, electronic and web-based media, programs in continuing education, risk management and practice management; interactive training modules; professional seminars; and other complementary products and services.

As a leader in scientific and medical publishing for over 30 years, Data Trace Publishing Company has developed a corporate culture founded on responsive, hands-on, concierge style client service. This culture breeds strong relationships and promotes collaboration leading to new products, new services and new ideas.

At Data Trace Publishing Company our publishing expertise and capabilities expand beyond standard advertising, editorial services, production, fulfillment and marketing. Data Trace Publishing Company has been instrumental in remodeling and updating existing publications and in developing and launching new association-sponsored books and periodicals. Data Trace utilizes all of its publishing experience to create custom, sponsored issues, publications and DVDs for the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. We produce prestigious, high-impact, educational CME publications to achieve the highest level of interest, participation and retention by the doctors receiving it. We also create medically relevant, inexpensive, high quality sales aids that meet the newest FDA, PhRMA and AMA guidelines for physician gifts.

As part of the Data Trace Group of Companies, Data Trace Publishing Company has a unique advantage over our industry competitors. Leveraging the connections and relationships of the Data Trace Group, we provide our clients with extensive capabilities outside the publishing realm that lead to a more robust client experience and greater client satisfaction.

The Data Trace Group is composed of multiple companies that work together to provide the highest level of concierge service to its clients. These companies include:

DT Management Services, LLC provides full-service association management services to associations nationwide. Through a client-oriented approach and strategic business insight, DT Management Services, brings strength to associations and offers members a complete association experience and provides the associations with a firm foundation for continued success. Clients include the Eastern, Southern, and Western regional orthopaedic associations, the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons, Maryland Orthopaedic Association and DC Orthopaedic Association.

DT Med Surg, LLC is a uniquely designed professional training company specifically
positioned to provide comprehensive training using the “Surgeon to Surgeon” method. We utilize the most sophisticated and effective platforms available to provide the most complete training on the market today. By securing the world’s premier doctors as trainers and preeminent equipment for training, the experience for the trainee is both highly effective and rewarding, leading to a more competent and technically superior surgeon. DT Med Surg prides itself on providing attentive, coordinated, concierge-level service to both clients and the orthopaedic surgeon to ensure that training programs are both educational and hassle-free.

DT Consultants, LLC provides contract and negotiation services for orthopaedic surgeons nationwide. Through DT Consultants, orthopaedic surgeons receive assistance with industry contracts and works to prevent conflicts for the doctors.

DT Solutions, LLC is a full-service Clinical Research Organization (“CRO”) that is medically and scientifically focused on musculoskeletal diseases. DT Solutions delivers highly focused CRO services in all phases of research. Our primary purpose is to assist our customers with the development of their products by providing unmatched expertise in medical device development within the therapeutic areas which we work. Through real world medical expertise, exceptional therapeutic science and full dedication to quality, we help our customers achieve success in their development plans.

DT Preferred Group, LLC is a risk purchasing group established to represent groups of medical professionals with similar or related exposures to loss to achieve the economies of scale that result from purchasing insurance on a group basis. DT Preferred Group, LLC currently represents orthopaedic surgeons (Ortho-Preferred) and podiatric physicians (DPM-Preferred) nationwide and provides not only access to highly competitive premiums with specialized rate classes for orthopaedic surgeons and podiatric physicians, but also offers comprehensive member benefits that range from complimentary continuing education and self assessment examination courses to risk management programs, all customized exclusively for orthopaedic surgeons and podiatric physicians.

DT Insurance Agency, LLC is a full-service, independent insurance agency dedicated to serving the professional liability insurance needs of medical professionals, specifically orthopaedic surgeons and podiatric physicians nationwide. At DT Insurance Agency, we take pride in our surgeon-focused approach which is evident in our unmatched concierge-style customer service and our commitment to maximize saving without compromising coverage. We are dedicated to providing enduring professional liability solutions for our clients.

DT Internet Services, LLC works in conjunction with Duke University Medical Center's Division of Orthopaedic Surgery to launch and maintain Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics, the most comprehensive unparalleled online medical textbook available.

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