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Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

by Richard C. Onsager, Esquire

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  • Updated annually
  • First Edition published 1996
  • 3 volumes, 1975+ pages, 335+ forms
  • Includes a forms CD
  • ISBN# 1-57400-013-6

Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual

Prominent Arizona attorney, Richard C. Onsager, Esq., has drawn from his extensive experience to bring you strategies and forms for virtually every situation you may encounter in this newly revised three-volume Manual featuring a bonus CD with more than 310 electronic forms.

This extensive, updated manual, with its more than 1,900 pages of valuable content, will help you stay current and efficient by providing appropriate statutes and regulations – complemented by thorough discussions and analyses of any changing federal and Arizona state laws. Plus, you’ll be expertly guided through an extensive selection of appropriate LLC forms using an easy-to-follow format. Included are electronic customizable forms, and explanations and planning strategies for the LLC business structure.

 Recent Updates Include:

  • A discussion of the original issue discount rules when a promissory note and an option are granted to an investor as an investment unit
  • A new form of Note and Warrant Purchase Agreement
  • A form of Warrant Agreement where the exercise price is fixed at the time the warrant is issued
  • A form of Warrant Agreement where the exercise price is determined by a future financing or similar event
  • A form of plan of conversion of an Arizona corporation into an LLC
  • A statement of conversion to convert an Arizona corporation into an Arizona limited liability company

Richard C. Onsager, Esq., is a partner with the law firm of Onsager, Werner & Oberg, P.L.C. in Phoenix, Arizona. He has served as a visiting professor and an adjunct professor of law at Arizona State University College of Law, where he taught courses in business organizations, federal income tax, corporate tax, and the taxation of partnerships and Subchapter S corporations. Mr. Onsager was a member of the Limited Liability Company Act Subcommittee of the State Bar, which drafted the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act and subsequent revisions to the Act. He was also a member of the committee that prepared revisions to the Arizona Uniform Partnership Act and Arizona Limited Partnership Act, as well as the committee that revised the Arizona Non-profit Corporation Act. And, he is a past Chair of the Tax Section of the State Bar and is certified as a Tax Specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Onsager was selected in 2011 by the Tax Section of the Arizona State Bar to be the first recipient of the “Henry Tom Outstanding Tax Attorney Award,” given to an attorney “who has distinguished him or herself by making significant contributions to the field of tax law.” Mr. Onsager received his B.A. degree from Arizona State University; his M.A. degree from Brown University; his J.D. from Arizona State University (magna cum laude); and his LL.M. degree in Taxation from New York University.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Formation and Organization


Chapter 3: The Operating Agreement

Chapter 4: Organization

Chapter 5: Limited Liability Company Capital

Chapter 6: Allocation and Distribution Provisions

Chapter 7: Management Provisions

Chapter 8: Transfer and Buy-Sell Provisions

Chapter 9: Dissolution

Chapter 10: Books, Records, and Accounting


Chapter 11: Reorganization of the LLC

Chapter 12: Doing Interstate Business

Chapter 13: Professional Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 14: Financing Transactions

Chapter 15: Compensation Strategies for the LLC

Chapter 16: Taxation of Limtied Liability Companies

Chapter 17: Use of LLCs by Exempt Organizations

Chapter 18: Bankruptcy Issues Concerning LLCs



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