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The Difficult Patient: How to Reduce Your Liability Risk

by Edward E. Bartlett, PhD

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Few physicians know the basic techniques of how to handle the difficult patient. This practical self-study book outlines a step-by-step approach to prevent, diagnose, and manage a challenging patient and will be your constant reference for the problem patient

The Difficult Patient: How to Reduce Your Liability Risk

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  • 4 sections, 21 chapters, 95 pages.
  • Each chapter includes Objectives, Introduction, Key Concepts, Additional Resources, and Take Home Pointers.
  • Techniques to save time with your patients.
  • Concepts to better communicate with patients.
  • Approaches to avoid malpractice lawsuits.
  • Useful to physicians and practitioners.
Edward E. Bartlett, PhD is a risk management consultant in Rockville, Maryland.


I. Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Science of Emotions

II. Prevention

Chapter 3: Communicating with the Patient

Chapter 4: Practice Management and Office Staff

Chapter 5: The Physician's Negative Emotions

III. Diagnosis

Chapter 6: The Diagnosis of Difficult Behavior

Chapter 7: Ruling Out Organic Causes

IV. Management

Chapter 8: Management Techniques: Overview

Chapter 9: The Talkative Patient

Chapter 10: The Non-Compliant Patient

Chapter 11: The Angry Patient

Chapter 12: The Demanding, Complaining, Manipulative Patient

Chapter 13: The Patient with Multiple, Vague Symptoms

Chapter 14: The Patient from a Different Culture

Chapter 15: The Managed Care Patient

Chapter 16: The Patient who Abuses Alcohol or Drugs

Chapter 17: Sharing Bad News

Chapter 18: The Patient with an Adverse Outcomes

Chapter 19: The Terminally-Ill Patient

Chapter 20: Ending the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Chapter 21: Success Stories

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